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BCX is committed to collaborating and playing a role in transforming the country through partnerships. By Sina Mvoko, managing executive for the public sector at BCX

15 June 2022

Sina Mvoko, Managing Executive for the Public Sector at BCX

In his State of the Nation (SONA) address 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa made it clear that this is the era of collaboration between the private and public sectors. It’s an opportunity to build a future together, using these partnerships to stimulate the economy, invest in infrastructure, and overcome the skills gaps that are affecting growth and skills development.

The key priorities outlined by SONA included the skills gap and agriculture – two key components of long-term economic success for the country. Food security is a driving economic imperative as it is essential that there are initiatives in place to provide adequate food per household. This will not only stimulate the economy, but it ties in with education and skills development by ensuring that young minds have the nutrition they need to thrive. In addition to education and agriculture, there are imperatives across logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and infrastructure. Each one a cog in a wheel that can turn the country around.

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