Kicking the digital can

Today’s web problems will be tomorrow’s, unless we shift them now.

23 March 2022

What does the web of the future look like? Much like it does today, I reckon, but with better interfaces. Of course, now that I’ve said that, it will haunt me like my 2008 Facebook statuses. The internet, as they say, is forever, and we can’t really run from our previous predictions. So, when I sat down to think about the future of the web for this column, I also had to look into the history of the future of the web – which showed me both how much has changed and how much hasn’t.

Take this gem, from a New York Times opinion piece from the year 2000: “Technology now makes it possible for online businesses and advertisers to turn the internet into a realm where activities and habits are monitored and recorded, largely without consumer knowledge or consent.”

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