AI in real life

How is artificial intelligence evolving in key industries?

25 April 2022

Ajay Lalu, Q-Hop.

When it comes to AI, businesses are spoiled for choice. There are multiple technologies, brands, and categories, and over the past couple of years, a few of these technologies have made plenty of progress, such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), cognitive chatbots – all are part of AI services. And because of ML techniques, bots are getting wiser over time as they’re exposed to increasing amounts of conversational data. So says Sumit Kumar Sharma, enterprise architect and head of advisory services at In2IT Technologies.

“All these technologies will continue maturing in the coming years. We will also see more implementations of computer vision, deep learning and AI cloud services with big technology players providing more comprehensive AI ecosystems coupled with low code or no code development platforms.”

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