Finding harmony in Discord

Discord has evolved from a gaming community tool to a business one, but has this evolution delivered what the CIO really needs?

06 July 2023

Theo Egling, Auxo Digital

Discord has been around since 2015, and came about as a way of connecting gamers from around the world, giving them the tools they needed to chat while they played their MMORPGs and Call of Duty. Then, during the pandemic, it shifted. Discord gained traction across all types of communities, including business, and now has more than 150 million monthly active users. It also has 19 million active servers a week, with more than four billion server conversation minutes every day. But has it delivered what a business needs? Has its evolution really tapped into the digital demands of the organisation? We speak to Adrian Baussen, founder and CEO of GatherIn, and Theo Egling, CIO of Auxo Digital.

What made you dial into Discord?

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