You’ve got an uncle in the insurance business

How best to offer insurance to small businesses? Think like an actuary, says Bi-me’s Francois Potgieter.

01 November 2023

Francois Potgieter managing director of Bi-me (Business Insurance Made Easy).

Two things about the Linked- In profile of Francois Potgieter catch my eye.

The first is that he cites insurance as something that gets him excited. As a person who doesn’t get excited by insurance, that seems a little eccentric. Then there’s the part that says he spent six years as a “generalist”. My suspicious journalist brain wonders if that’s just a euphemism for “unemployed”. Potgieter laughs when I ask him that, and assures me that those years were a very valuable time when he stepped back from the corporate world and reassessed what life was all about.

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