SPONSORED: Huawei OceanStor: the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of storage

In an ever-evolving data landscape, with huge amounts of information generated on a daily basis, the imperative quality of any environment is the ability to adapt. Storage, for example, has had to adapt to the ever-growing consumption of space, and in so doing, it’s had to transform itself from a mere repository, into a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ environment, which caters for a multitude of workloads and application scenarios.

04 May 2022

Morgan Maylon, Huawei Executive Product Specialist at Mustek

What Huawei has done, says Morgan Maylon, Huawei Executive Product Specialist at Mustek, is to create a platform that introduces new capabilities to the storage environment, such as NVMe over Fabric, enhanced IP capabilities such as 100Gb optical ethernet and NVMe-enabled architectures in controllers, and NVMe solid state drives, while bringing the same look and feel as traditional storage environments.

“These enhanced features provide a multitude of use cases for the storage environment, including backup and recovery, hybrid cloud, highly resource-intensive application environments, and test and development. It means, for the digital world, that storage services are delivered faster, more reliably and more elastically than they ever have been before,” he says.

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