Enough lip service

Let’s get serious about gender parity in tech.

05 August 2022

It’s August, and that can only mean one thing in South Africa. Pink everywhere ‘in celebration’ of annual Women’s Day (9 August). Pink ribbons, pink flash drives, pink bunting in the foyer, emails splashed with pink inviting you to the online seminar about balancing kids and career, or some other tired topic we never ask men and dads about.

Brands and companies relish the opportunity to brand a public holiday as much as any other, but the funny thing is that I don’t know any women who like this approach. If anything, as my social circle ages along with me, there’s been a growing vocal disapproval and disavowing of what many see as corporates paying lip service to the concept of gender equality, without any backing in action – and the IT and digital spheres are no exception. In fact, we’re among the worst offenders.

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