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Absa’s technology champion

Absa’s tech COO Philile Mkhize has fought racism and sexism to get to where she is today.

01 July 2024

Philile Mkhize

To a certain degree, everybody who holds a high position in a company has to champion the corporate story. If you can’t talk honestly and proudly about the company you work for, should you even be there?

But Philile Mkhize, Absa’s chief operating officer for technology, takes it to the next level. She’s one of the most by-the-book corporate leaders I’ve ever interviewed, so imbued with the Absa spirit that her conversation is riddled with catchphrases and key words you’d likely find in the company brochure. It makes her a brilliant advocate for the bank, but a tough interviewee, with no spilling of beans, deep insights or entertaining off-the-cuff opinions.

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