Learning to lead

Callan Abrahams is a champion of inclusive tech and women in STEM, working to change the industry through her skills and the power of representation.

03 June 2024

Callan Abrahams

Callan Abrahams is a data scientist and entrepreneur whose practical and insightful approach to both social development and technical problems has helped her grow into a sought after professional in the African tech scene. She has a string of roles and businesses to her name, including Data-led Insights, a boutique consulting company she founded and ran.

Today, she is a principal AI consultant at iOCO, the core technology company within the EOH Group, helping companies figure out how to integrate emerging technologies into their businesses in sensible, creative ways. Its Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) solution is one such tactic. It’s a long way from home, metaphorically. Abrahams grew up in Roodepoort, but says that “culturally”, she comes from Durban, specifically Wentworth, or “the Cape flats of Durban,” as she calls it. It’s a “tough place with a tough culture”, she says.

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