Big tech can’t be trusted with GenAI

The tech barons are still drinking their own Kool-Aid, but most people have lost the taste for it.

11 December 2023

In the 19th century, disgruntled French factory workers devised a clever form of asymmetrical warfare against their employers. They would throw their wooden shoes, called sabots, into the machinery, causing it to grind to a halt (hence the word "sabotage"). In 2023, artists are attempting to do much the same thing, but against a far more abstract piece of machinery: generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)

In this case, the proverbial wooden shoe is a piece of software called Nightshade. Before uploading their work to the net, an artist can run their images through Nightshade, which will modify each pixel in a way that is not visible to humans, but that disrupts the ability of GenAI bots to make sense of them.

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