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The Integr8 Group has once again been nominated for an award. The reception area at its Johannesburg office sure does a good job of letting everyone know.

01 January 2009

Rob Sussman, the joint-MD of the Integr8 Group, certainly makes a song and dance about what a super place his company is to work for. The organisation has yet again been nominated for an ICT accolade, this time for IT Personality of the Year in the guise of Mr Sussman. With that in mind, one cannot help but wonder why Lance Fanaroff, the other man in charge at Integr8, seldom makes an appearance. Some see him as the tactician, while Sussman is the sales and marketing spin doctor. He definitely has a smooth-talking way about him.

Sussman gets up in the morning because of the "excitement of wanting to be there". He's passionate about creating a work environment that's conducive to innovation and "showcasing what Africa has to offer the rest of the world", but he also wants to be around people who want to make a difference.

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