The business case for cloud

A lift and shift approach may not work for everyone, but it did for Old Mutual. Group CIO May Govender explains.

01 March 2024

Old Mutual’s lift and shift journey meant that its engineers had to learn the ins and outs that come with being in the cloud.

A few months ago, Old Mutual Group CIO May Govender attended a roundtable where attendees discussed just how much the CIO role has evolved in the last decade. “It’s not just about the technology anymore,” she says. “Today, we are change champions who spend a lot of time with business and other key stakeholders, making sure that they understand what the latest technologies really offer, what they mean for the business and how they can enable organisational transformation.”

Modern CIOs need to have a close alignment with the CFO because everything tech leaders do and invest in needs to be seen through a financial lens. “As a CIO, the one person you need to make sure understands technology and understands what you’re trying to do, is the CFO. The CFO should also have a good grasp of the challenges you face and risks that come with not making strategic tech investments. If you have the CFO on your side, they will be your biggest champion. This is the best place to be.”

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