Changing the guard

South Africa’s IT industry is approaching the end of an era as the first generation of non-white pioneers to reach the top begin to step aside. How have things changed?

11 May 2022

(Left to right) Stafford Masie, Isaac Mophatlane and Mark Harris. Photo: Karolina Komendera

For years they fought institutionalised racism, challenged the limitations, changed the perception of their white peers, and went on to lead some of the biggest ICT businesses in the country.

There aren’t many of them left, these elders of colour with decades of experience, rich layers of doggedness and diplomacy, international connections and a wealth and respect accumulated over the years. As they move on, it’s important to reflect on what those years were like, whether the changes they fought for have materialised, if they’re confident in the generations succeeding them, and how they can use their combined clout to drive further progress.

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