Same shift, different pay

The age-old battle of the sexes is still a hot topic in the IT industry, both locally and internationally. Why won’t this issue go away?

03 April 2014

It seems members of the ‘fairer’ sex, although proving themselves worthy time and again in business, just aren’t taking proprietorship of the corner office. Women are hardly ever spotted in the high-ranking positions that their male counterparts so easily dominate.

In her manifesto, recently appointed COO of Facebook, Sheryl Kara Sandberg, addresses what she calls one of the world’s biggest problems: a lack of women in power. In her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Sandberg describes all sorts of reasons why women don’t hold equal power to men. Sandberg’s main reason, though, is this: women are taught to keep themselves out of power, so they limit their own ambitions and sabotage their careers.

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