White Noise

The tender tap-dance

A look at the sordid affairs and strangling red tape of one government department.

05 May 2009

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is still grappling with how to justify its recent agreement to pay Sita, the air transport communication and IT solutions company, an estimated R100 million to install a Border Management Solution (BMS) that will interface with its famed Who Am I Online (WAIO) project.

Sita Biometrics Solution Framework

This flexible, multi-biometrics platform includes a wide range of technologies and systems that can verify a person’s identity using anatomical characteristics, such as finger, hand, face, retina and iris. Standard functionality includes: • Extended biometric enrolment capacity, including dedicated enrolment stations, biometric smart card production and on-line passenger vetting by the government • A range of self-service e-Gates optimised for high security or maximum passenger throughput, in line with operational requirements from immigration authorities and airlines • Advanced server functionality, including security, connectivity and detailed operational reporting, allowing all stakeholders to optimise their specific passenger identity management business processes without compromise Source: www.sita.aero/bordermanagement

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