Intelligent edge: The future of cloud computing?

With so much data being created, the ability to collate and process it at source provides numerous benefits.

17 May 2022

Navinder Singh, In2IT Technologies. Photo: Karolina Komendera

The intelligent edge refers to the collection and analysis of data where it’s generated. It could be the point where a user such as a mobile worker is doing their job, or an IoT device attached to industrial equipment is generating data. The data is collected, processed and analysed at this remote point, meaning the intelligence sits on the ‘edge’ of the organisation’s IT architecture. This ‘decentralisation’ of storing data, processing and intelligence capabilities takes much of the workload away from the central processing hub, datacentre or cloud.

Edge computing is a powerful enabler when it’s injected with intelligence to enhance its potential for disruption and enrich the value of the data captured at its proverbial source, says Scott Cowling, director, network solutions at BT. “The sheer volume of data created through the IoT, where information is streamed from sensors to optimise operations, makes this intelligence a business imperative.”

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