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Using digital to drive employee inclusivity

23 June 2023

Ritasha Kalidas, Group CISO and digit al lead, Tiger Brands Group (TBG)

It was a significant leap for Tiger Brands Group’s CISO and digital lead, Ritasha Kalidas, to join the retail and consumer goods sector, after a career grounded in auditing and financial services. However, this warm and open woman fits right in with the people-centric culture of TBG, adding technology to a company that has evolved over the years, but still employs blue- and white-collar workers in a two-thirds blue-collar split, with vastly differing literacy and digital literacy skills. The group has brands that are over 100 years old and easily recognised across the globe, and most of which are produced in South Africa. Its future now is firmly in the digital age and Kalidas’ vision is remarkable.

“IT is still perceived here as a highly technical space, with its own daunting jargon, both within the group and outside, which is also a factor preventing women from entering an IT career. This is the wrong perception and women need to know the technology world is accessible to them. It’s the perfect place to be as it’s the sector of the future. Just do your research, be self-confident, passionate, network well, but stay true to who you are.”

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