Sponsored: ITgility leverages its diversity to tackle cyber-hygiene challenges

People maintain their health by taking precautionary measures to help ensure it, such as flossing to minimise cavities and washing hands to stop the spread of disease.

01 August 2022

Felicia Theron, Account Executive at ITgility, Refilwe Litlhokoa, Marketing Manager at ITgility and Thandiwe Mzila, Director of Sales at ITgiilty

In much the same way, organisations can maintain their health and prevent data breaches and other security incidents by following precautionary cyber-hygiene measures.

According to Felicia Theron, Account Executive at ITgility, such measures should start with ensuring all staff members are educated on the importance of cyber-hygiene across all aspects of IT. This is a shared responsibility that all Employers and employees should prioritise, as it encompasses a dynamic array of habits, practices, initiatives, and tool-sets, with the goal of achieving and maintaining the healthiest possible security posture.

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