Why I’m going to be laughing in 2024

Whooooosh! I blinked and another year went by, and here I am penning my end-of-year missives and trying to make sense of the rollercoaster we call 2023.

06 December 2023

In 12 short months, we’ve gone from generative artificial intelligence hype to AI wary. Of course, we’re all still very excited about the potential of AI, for business and individuals, but after the party vibe of late 2022, the conversations this year have been markedly more sombre and cautious.

In November, the UK hosted a highlevel summit on AI, specifically pulling in global policymakers and industry leaders to discuss international governance of this fast-moving sphere. In a speech in late October, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called mitigating the risk of human extinction from AI a global priority. In addition to the jobs and innovations that AI will create, Sunak warned that it can be used for developing direct threats (chemical and biological weapons, cyberattacks, fraud) and other social ills (child sexual abuse materials and deepfakes).

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