Time to get serious about tech waste

The tech industry makes its living from the importance of tech refreshes, built-in obsolesence and the need for the latest and greatest. But there are downsides.

18 January 2023

It’s ‘where has the year gone?’ season again. Soon, ‘this year, I’ll be superhuman’ season will be upon us, where we all descend on the gym like locusts that have developed a taste for treadmills.

I, too, am not immune to the allure of a sparkling New Year resolution, but I’m also patently, evidently bad at sticking to them. Case in point: ‘Learn isiXhosa’ has been a recurring feature for years. Ndithetha kancinci, but very limited and badly. Year after year, it goes back on the list, looking like some kind of Fast & Furious spin-off: Learn Xhosa, 2Learn 2Xhosa, Xhosa III, X4…

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