Sponsored: Why Supported Open Source Is a Win-Win Solution

Open source is exciting, diverse, and always on the leading edge of innovation. It is driving advances in numerous fields, from medical technology and space exploration, to motor vehicles and agriculture.

01 August 2022

Dion Harvey, Regional General Manager, Redhat Sub-Saharan Africa

“We create software using the open source way, a set of principles built upon an open forum for ideas where communities can form around solving a problem or developing a new technology. This philosophy affects everything we do at Red Hat.” explains Dion Harvey, Regional General Manager of Redhat Sub- Saharan Africa.

Redhat is a software company specialising in open source. It offers products and solutions to organisations, helping them build a flexible and secure IT foundation, and giving them support that is just a local phone call away. The company was born in 1993, out of a response to demand, as the use of open source and Linux accelerated.

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