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Working alongside technology is the future of healthcare. Emerging tech is driving innovation across the healthcare sector and transforming patient care.

01 September 2023

Andrei Migatchev, Envisionit Deep AI

When chatting to industry insiders about healthcare innovation, several mention that many of the seemingly new and advanced technologies have actually been around for quite some time. This is particularly true in private healthcare. But when it comes to industrywide adoption, they all agree that getting new technologies into hospitals to better serve patients takes time. Of course, the pandemic accelerated the digitisation of healthcare, driving those who wouldn’t usually be dabbling in tech to reconsider how digital tools and solutions can revolutionise their business models.

According to Ruan Viljoen, CTO at the BroadReach Group, if you want to create a world where more people have access to good healthcare, you can either hire and/or train and deploy more people, or use more technology. This isn’t to say that technology will ever fully replace a doctor or nurse, but it can be used to augment and improve patient outcomes. One particular trend that Viljoen is excited about is personalised care. If practitioners can access more health data specific to a person, patients can be treated for their condition rather than receiving broadbased treatment.

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