ERP in the cloud

ERP helps organisations boost efficiency and productivity. Combine this with the flexibility, agility and scalability of cloud and what you have is the functionality modern businesses need to adapt to any scenario.

11 December 2023

Emma Murray, IFS.

The IDC predicts that the public cloud ERP market will reach $73 billion by 2026, up from $36 billion in 2021. While ERP has trailed other applications in its cloud migration, these solutions are prime targets for a shift to cloud as businesses look to gain more valuable insights from the information they have and seek the flexibility needed to scale as and when they need to.

For Emma Murray, VP for indirect markets at IFS, cloud ERP combines all the strengths and benefits of a world-class ERP solution with the innovations that the cloud has to offer. This helps to streamline operations, enhance scalability, reduce costs and provide real-time data access, which opens up the possibility for the business to leverage capabilities such as IoT for real-time metrics, and AI and machine learning to boost automation and provide the predictive capabilities needed to optimise their operations.

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