SPONSORED: Corporates protected – but not secure

Just how secure is your corporation? Nearly three quarters of South Africa’s top 100 corporates are investing more in cybersecurity than the industry average, but an almost equal proportion don’t feel fully protected by their current cybersecurity strategy.

27 May 2022

Khairy Ammar, Services Sales Director, Emerging Africa and South Africa at Dell Technologies

The State of Cybersecurity in South Africa, a study conducted by World Wide Worx with the support of Intel and Dell Technologies South Africa, reveals that half of South African businesses are over budget on cybersecurity spend and just over half feel there are now more threats introduced by remote work culture.

“Corporates being over-budget on cybersecurity spend may look like a positive sign, but it also raises the likelihood that the budgets were too low to begin with,” says World Wide Worx’s principal author of the report, Arthur Goldstuck, principal analyst on the research project. “In the game of cybercrime cat and mouse, one could argue there is no such thing as being over-resourced. However, under- resourcing not only exposes companies to risk, but also poses an existential threat. A major breach can bring down a company. Budgets must catch up to the significance of the threat.”

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