Web3: the internet of blockchains

The race to a decentralised, trustless internet, where data belongs to the user, is already underway. But do the hurdles belie the hype?

03 May 2022

Pretty Kubyane, Coronet Blockchain

There’s a revolution taking place. We’ve seen some elements of it already, but this new uprising is growing, and fast. And if those at the forefront of this movement are to be believed, this time it’s going to put us all in charge.

Web3 is set to be a safer, more ethical and verifiable internet, said Juan Benet, founder and CEO of Protocol Labs, in his 2018 Web3 Summit presentation. The new web will be decentralised, using trustless infrastructure; it gives users power and ownership over their data, identity, security and transactions, and removes the need for intermediaries.

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