Making mobile networks private

As the market for IoT technologies grows in South Africa, mobile private networks present incredible opportunities to leverage these connected things on an industrial scale.

25 January 2022

In the past few years, we’ve seen the adoption of new technologies that transform the way people work, communicate, entertain themselves, exercise, shop and travel increase exponentially. And often, many of the tools and solutions that we’re using today feel pretty futuristic. Like a wearable device that is able to track the user’s pulse or steps and even inform a person that they’ve received a message or an email. There are irrigation systems that measure soil moisture and notify a farmer when it’s time to water their crops. Autonomous cars are able to navigate busy highways and city streets without a driver at the wheel.

All of these are great examples of the IoT in action. Globally, IoT is moving mainstream and use cases for this tech are on the rise. According to Mark Walker, the IDC’s associate VP for South, East and West Africa, the market for IoT technologies in South Africa is expected to grow by 14% a year from 2020 to 2025, with adoption expected to increase in the telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, transport and government sectors, as well as financial services, energy, agriculture and healthcare industries.

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