Building Stefanutti’s stack

Sure, you can shrink the datacentre, but what about the software stack?

12 July 2022

Thanks to advances in technology, Steffanuti Stocks’ Kevin Wilson has shifted his onsite datacentre from a shipping container to a shoebox.

Some CIOs go to work in an office, and may pop their head into their datacentre every so often, assuming they still have a datacentre. Others, like Kevin Wilson, the general manager for group IT services at Stefanutti Stocks Construction, may go to work in a hard hat. Like builders everywhere, he’s something of a pragmatist, which is probably a useful trait to have in the construction industry or nothing would ever get done.

Wilson has been doing some building of his own lately, but instead of laying concrete foundations, he’s been tinkering with his IT infrastructure to modernise it. It now fits in a shoebox.

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