Emergent disruption

It’s time to embrace the inevitability of digital disruption and use it to spearhead innovation and redefine revenue.

22 February 2019

Deloitte’s ‘Digital Disruption Index 2019’ found that three quarters of executives felt digital was fundamentally changing their organisation. It also revealed that investment into emerging technologies such as AI, robotic and cognitive automation, and IoT remained mostly experimental. However, those that had invested reported these technologies hadn’t just met expectations, but exceeded them.

Yet the market remains sceptical and executives uncertain. The Deloitte index found that the number of leaders not confident in their own digital skills had risen by nearly 10% from 2017, while Forrester found firms aren’t as excited about what digital can do as the hype suggests. In the recent Forrester analysis – Predictions 2019: Transformation goes pragmatic – the picture is of executives who don’t want to disrupt existing operations and systems en route to digital success. They’re baulking at investment and are wary of disruption; an anticipated 25% are cutting their digital budgets in spite of the fact that they risk losing market share.

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