The network security architect

Stop users from romping joyously through your network with some l33t security skills.

07 May 2020

The network security architect is the creator of the secure network, the builder of security systems that flex and evolve, and the bouncer of badly behaved users. The role is varied and demanding and fascinating for those who appreciate the need for great design and architecture and who find troubleshooting and problem-solving fun. This career is for those who are interested in the latest security architecture standards and frameworks and understand which security controls and solutions are best for which situations and applications. In short, you need to be like Clark Kent – wrapped in network performance and system capability with the ability to transform into a security superhero at a moment’s notice.

“The network security architect combines the knowledge of security hardware and software, organisational business and strategic needs, cyber security requirements and risks with the organisation’s policies, procedures and industry standards,” explains Johann Pretorius, director of the SAP Training and Development Institute.

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