Rogue, stealth, shadow: The antiheroes of IT

The names that define the illicit hardware and software introduced into the organisation are uncannily accurate, but can be turned into a business benefit.

27 March 2019

In a dark, gloomy and quiet corner of the office, behind cupped hands, the hushed words are spoken for fear that anyone else should hear: “Shhh, don’t say it out loud, but we’ve got a case of shadow IT.”

The relentless drip of technology that’s not been approved by IT seeping into the organisation is unlikely to slow down. It all started when Michael in accounting realised that he could do things a lot easier with a publically available app he’d found in the Play Store, rather than using the cumbersome beast approved by IT. Now, from the high-level executive down to Susan in legal, everyone has a mobile device loaded with applications that make their lives easier. Unfortunately, many of these pose a significant security risk to the business.

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