Local software a safe bet?

Bookies have always had the reputation of operating in a dark and secretive, but lucrative industry. On the web, too, betting and gambling websites are thought to function in dark corners.

09 August 2009

Language of punting

The Turfsport system runs on a number of platforms. At the core of the system is risk management. Issuing bets is the primary functionality. But the system also extends to the internet, allowing bookmakers to run an online betting website. “They operate out of a back office or a head office,” explains Petrie. The head office will support an online platform and it also supports a mobile platform. “We were probably ahead in terms of our mobile application because we launched it about two years ago,” she says. “We’re only seeing the increase in mobile betting in the last few months.” Turfsport is written across a number of languages: • The mobile platform is Java specific; • The online system is C# specific; • The back office is a environment, with some C#; • The system runs on a Microsoft SQL database; • Turfsport’s code originates from Visual Basic..

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