How to get shit done

How do you drive a company-wide innovation programme? It starts with a foundation.

06 March 2019

Just before my interview with Grant Field, CEO of financial services firm Fedgroup, I’m wandering around the building, and come across the canteen, which, just before lunch, is filled with people laughing and eating. Two staff members are playing pool, and everyone seems to be having a good time, like they’re out at a restaurant. How has this small company, with less than 200 employees, taken on other giants in financial services? And how come all the staff seem so happy?

Inside, people look a little more business-like, but then again, they aren’t on a break. There are a couple of 3D-printed avatars around the place – some in a display case, others on desks, some of which I recognise from a Minecraft-like world (but it’s called FedTropolis) displayed on a big screen in a common area. There’s also a nice big vending machine filled with treats, but strangely, there’s no coin slot and it doesn’t appear to accept any kind of money. There’s also a room with a label outside: ‘Get shit done.’

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