Guardians of the past

It’s said history is written by the victors, but who’d have thought videogames would be used as a platform to store it?

26 March 2021

Over the last few years, Minecraft users have been painstakingly building a 1:1 replica of Earth to preserve a record of our planet and our current civilisation in the event of its destruction. (Goodness knows there are enough options – from climate change and pandemics to nuclear and bio warfare – for total world-ending destruction available these days.) Given how many of us already spend as much of our waking time in digital universes as terrestrial ones, a fully digital Earth makes a specific kind of sense.

As a part of the epic project, Reporters Without Borders is leading a special initiative to build a censorship-resistant in-game virtual library of banned books and other important texts that have been or are at risk of being censored by less than benevolent governments.

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