Streamlining healthcare

If you think South Africa is miles behind on artificial intelligence initiatives, think again…

27 August 2019

In Limpopo, one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, lies the Rethabile Clinic. This clinic is one of many servicing a vast rural community where patients will often travel for days to wait for hours to receive essential care. It’s also the location of a pilot project between the Limpopo Department of Health and Mint Group, a project that put artificial intelligence into systems that would transform healthcare and access to medications.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by the clinic is its use of a vast, paperbased filing system,” says Peter Reid, head of AI, Mint Group. “The patient brings in their file number, which is then used to locate their file in a huge storage space. Not only does this take time, but often patients lose the piece of paper that has their file number on it.”

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