CIO Survey 2020: Can IT execs weather the storm?

ITWeb’s annual CIO Survey has established itself as an insightful, valuable source of industry intelligence regarding the priorities of IT executives.

06 April 2021

2020’s survey examined the role of CIOs in mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on business and how the pandemic affected IT investment priorities. The results of the seventh CIO survey were revealed at the virtual ITWeb Brainstorm CIO Banquet in November.

The survey showed that the rapid shift to remote working was a major focus for the CIO, organisation and its IT department, as well as digital transformation. Asked how Covid-19 affected their organisations, 67% of respondents said that digital transformation was accelerated during the pandemic. Of the remainder, 17% said there was no substantial change, while 11% had undergone rationalisation or consolidation of business units, and 6% said a substantial part of the operations had been closed.

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