A data-centred organisation

If the pandemic has been a catalyst to digital transformation for many organisations, then data has undoubtedly become integral. But is its rising value equally matched with a rise in appreciation?

13 March 2021

With entire industries being put on hold and workforces made to adapt and work from home where possible, the pandemic has undoubtedly shifted corporate priorities. Brainstorm, in association with Lenovo, quizzed a panel of 29 C-suite and top-level inhouse ICT executives on how the pandemic has evolved their organisations’ approaches and perceived value of data. It’s undoubtedly having an impact, as 59% of respondents admit IT priorities and projects are changing in line with how the business has evolved during the pandemic.  Only 14% of respondents believe the pandemic hasn’t impacted their IT plans or focus and are carrying on as planned.

Respondents were asked in what ways the value of data has been recognised during the pandemic.

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