Big Blue's big plan

IBM, the grandfather of the IT industry, undoubtedly has the history, but has struggled in recent years. Will its new strategy turn its fortunes around?

23 March 2022

With a storied history in the tech industry, IBM is able to trace its origins back 110 years. It evolved from selling commercial weighing scales, clocking-in machines and tabulators to electric typewriters, calculators, and mainframes. In fact, in 1921, the preincarnation of IBM, a company called CTR, supplied equipment to South Africa for use in the national census.

IBM’s history is littered with technological innovations, from inventing self-learning programs, the floppy disk, the magnetic stripe used on payment cards, hard drives, the relational database, the ATM, and forefathers for AI – Deep Blue and Watson. Its pioneering research proficiency in the computing industry has been long-held, gaining thousands of patents every year.

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