Sponsored: Wits and Huawei Cloud take education to new heights

The importance of technology to education in SA cannot be dismissed, as it is vital to creating a more level playing field, and is not something to be taken lightly in a country with such inequality. But more than levelling the playing field, technology has also been the driver behind learning and teaching continuing, despite the lockdowns of the past two years.

01 August 2022

Dr Stanley Mpofu, CIO of Wits University.

Dr Mgobansimbi Stanley Mpofu, CIO at Wits University, points out that it is important to leverage technology for teaching purposes, because it’s now a key component of virtually any activity. Technology is viewed as the answer to most of the world’s toughest challenges and future leaders will need to be au fait with it. It’s for this reason that educational institutions like Wits are leveraging technology in numerous ways to improve the state of education.

“Technology is clearly bleeding into all aspects of our lives. Even older generations, or those living in more remote parts of the country, are comfortable using technology to conduct their banking, or for online purchases. So it makes sense to utilise technology to improve education, since this is a sector where it can have a major impact,” he says.

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