Monitoring on a single pane of glass in the new norm

By Stiaan de Waal, Business Development Manager, ITR Technology

Johannesburg, 21 Oct 2021
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The monitoring landscape has seen a drastic shift these past 19 months. Historically, companies had the luxury of network operation centres with large screens for monitoring, which gave a visual representation in the form of dashboards, heat maps and alerts. I like to refer to this era as pre-apocalypse. 

In March 2020, the known IT world changed drastically overnight. Working from home became the standard not the exception – no more network operations centres, no more eyes on glass when it comes to big screens creating visibility.

Suddenly, we are forced to trust that our networking team is monitoring the network, the infrastructure team is monitoring the server and the applications team is looking after the application performance. Essentially, management is forced to trust that these different teams are communicating. This is where a tool like ManageEngine OpManager offers a tremendous amount of value.

ManageEngine OpManager is a multifaceted IT operations management tool. With over 9 000 device templates natively in the tool, you can easily say that ManageEngine OpManager is hardware agnostic. If you are unfortunate to have a device that does not have a device template in the tool, then simply request the MIB file from the vendor to build the device template using the MIB builder, which forms part of the toolset at no additional cost.

Represent your network, servers, storage, virtualisation and netflow statistics in visual dashboards. Create unique business views, rack view, geographical views and even site and server room views.

Build out heat maps for your engineering team to have a relevant view of the infrastructure that they manage. Spending the time to build out the above makes the management and support from a remote office/home office a very simple task. It also gives management an eagle’s eye view of the infrastructure landscape to manage the teams.

ManageEngine OpManager has a mobile application, which allows you to push notifications to the engineers and give a view of the infrastructure. Therefore, working remotely becomes a lot easier if you a have a single pane of glass with mobile application to view, manage and even troubleshoot alerts in the environment.

Take it to the next level with automated workflow remediation to address the first level remediation and reduce overtime and standby bills.

ManageEngine OpManager is the one-stop tool for IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting. Contact us today to find out more.

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